Sunday, 7 November 2010

12.Al-Bari’ - Creativity

Suggests maker. evolver, wave creation -- 'Thus the world grows rich, grows wild, and you too, grow rich, grow sweetly wild, as you too were born to be' Mary Oliver


Where from? My self
is feeling for the sea
and all I write in early morning's
pure and sweetly dreamed.

Nice words from an amiable man
scratched with pointed nib on paper
or angry words from an angry man
biting, scribbling, biting heads away?

Could I say more? No, no more.
At evening time the sea will fix the sand.

He stands with his back to you
still as a lamppost,
shoulders tense, head bowed,
feet apart
like Elvis.
You hear him mutter,
clear his throat, murmuring
words of encouragement,
small growls;
an Apollo in very late countdown.
He jumps around
with a yell ‘Surprise!!’
and starts to sing, you think, too loud
before you realise
‘Love, love changes everything….’


There seem points
when even balance is balanced;
like a see-saw or horizontal weigh-scale

or when my car’s milo went through
222222 miles
(all those ducks in a row)

and one day, each year,
every place on the planet
gets almost exactly 12 hours of daylight.

Almost, that is, almost
in balance – more or less mileage,
almost an equinox - but thankfully never,

not quite; a smidgen, a pulse
out of whack and somehow, god willing,
it seems better like that!?

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