Sunday, 7 November 2010

21. Al-Basit – Expanding Boundaries

Suggests open, spread, radiate, expansion --- 'When I admire
the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul
expands in worship of the Creator' Longfellow


I walk into a café’s mouth
and wander lonely as a soul
amongst the faces; people laugh
and grin and point at purple sea and
mountains on the wall.

In here, ice cream; knickerbocker
glory; outside, snails are sliming in the wet
and, as I gaze, a waiter (‘Peter’ on his name badge) says
‘It’s not self-service,’ wafts a menu in his hand
‘what’ll you get?’ 

Far out – nothing -
fancies everything
so (under the covers)
they make love to each other
- spirit and form –
and then something is born.


We had a chat
about a rat;
yours a giant,
mine - a tyrant.

We made a jigsaw
like a sunset;
an orange (I saw)
you saw red

but only when my fruit
and your new fangled colour
merge do we, in truth,
create an apple’s figure

- the rat, of course,
was a very helpful chap.

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