Sunday, 7 November 2010

26. As-Sami – Awakened Hearing

Suggests vibration, body awareness, sound, wave --- 'There's
music in all things, if men had ears' Lord Byron
One morning, lost, he
sits exhausted in an airport
hoping for a pretty sky;
hearing words from nations’ update,
jumble into purple sky.

Every word intends connection
- hopeful – casting line and fly.
Once outspoken, lost in motion,
kisses in a pretty sky.


I’ve heard all the clichés before
like ‘you’ve one mouth and two ears’
‘children should be seen and not heard’
‘what’s the furthest sound you can hear?’

the loudest, the quietest,
the longest. the shortest,
the highest, the lowest,
the hardest, the soft one

because, like rainfall hammering the ground,
a tiny drum-skin sitting by my brain
vibrates (as long as blood can pump around)
suggesting I’ve a fish upon a line.
It never stops - a shell held in my ear
- tense - and aching for a feeling near.


  1. I like that a lot, takes you to so many mindful places.

  2. It's beautiful.

  3. Lovely, very touching poem... brings you to a quiet place doesn't it?