Saturday, 6 November 2010

94. Al - Hadi - Direct Guidance

Suggests a guide, source, opposition --- 'Over earth and
ocean, with gentle motion, This pilot is guiding me' Shelley

 I know it’s reckless
imagine you were God – not really God
but more an idea of a lion or lamb or God
and sent a dove into the North-South split
and fished for men inside the East-West fight.
How do you feel inside your heart and spirit?
Would you turn out to become a little cross?

Every year,
it’s clear
that Xmas day is my mate
John’s birthday

and old glitter on the table,
scissors and sellotape,
will be in play

as two festivals collide.
He’s got the idea
that everything unites

although, as he looks out through
a monocle,
I know that (deep down) too

it bugs him – because
he keeps squinting to the East,
waiting for the next Jesus

coming - the second one
who will turn the table, soften
his inevitable burden.

By God – you did it - didncha?
Put me in here, didya!?
Make it clear, matey
- it’s bin creepy lately.

You see, I dunno whether to fire
in a dark place, this alley,
but I’m scared and ready to volley;
heavy, baby, hellfire.

Preacher says you’re up and about
in the darkening sky
but, me, I’m gonna lash out
to keep misself alive.

Hey angel come down - gimmee a mark
and get mi head on track - sort out mi heart.


  1. Beautiful indeed!!
    Hope the angel comes down soon :)

  2. Yes, it is beautiful. Keep writing, John. You inspire me.

    This poem shows how much we need a Savior. Isn't God wonderful?

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