Saturday, 6 November 2010

83. Ar-Ra’uf – Healing Wings

Suggests compassion, kindness, radiation
--- 'Take me by the hand; it's so easy for you,

Angel, for you are the road' Rilke 

An ‘angel’
is defined in my little on-line
dictionary as a heavenly
being, guide or guardian; more
than google, or a free magazine,

radio or TV blinking
and ‘omen’ as a prophetic sign
or signal from the Mystery,
Beloved, God or Allah.

Of course, the ancient days are gone
when we believed in angel-notes from
Mother Nature such as shapes
in leaves or whether birds appear
to fly, uplift and honk along together.

Today I almost saw a kingfisher
catching fish from water in a
river flowing back to where I
came from. Time passes, turns;
of course those days are gone.

The healing Down’s boy
Dance like an angel
under a cracked roof
smile like a devil
sprinkling seeds of love.

Flop your arm over
every person’s shoulder
going for your hug time,
rounding off a good time

and like any seraphim
letting go with ‘Ta-ra!’,
wave as a cowboy
abandoning his team.

Angels do their best
and walk off to the West.


  1. God's angels of healing are with you. Go forward, with His strength and authority to heal and help us all.

  2. Patience is hard. Patience is enlightened mind