Saturday, 6 November 2010

92. An-Nafi' - Immediate Blessing

Suggests distilling, sustenance, helper --- 'Stung by
the splendor of a sudden thought' Robert Browning  

A moment
Traveling backwards on a screaming train,
I’m fiddling with my latest iphone
app and, looking to the left, a yellow sun has
risen up between a line of trees.

Heavenly light - in golden morning - stops
shadows on the right side of the train. I gawp;
feeling a glad splendor rising near my heart
but soon look down, restore technology – macbook, pixels, restart.

‘What a glory – this morning!” and it takes a stronger act of will
(stopping my little inner voice) to notice, once again, the Fall:
green and golden in my moments here – a sadness rises -
and my train heads westwards, onward, rushes.

Still rain
It’s raining in Scotland,
falling like tears
and the sky looks as gloomy
as a million years

and the Forth Bridge is standing
- a line in the grey -
with boats on the estuary
languid - today;

unraveling the traveling,
it’s seagulls that call
‘come on, you’re a moving
slow train - on a rail’

I’ve got furrows to plow -
purposeful - now.


  1. Amazing imagery pouring like the beautiful rain :)
    Enjoyed reading it.

  2. that was really well written friend, being Scottish I appreciated that, bravo :)

  3. These are beautiful. Can feel the atmosphere in your descriptive language. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Lovely, both poems transmit feeling.