Sunday, 7 November 2010

18. Al-Fattah – Unity’s Breath

Suggests truth, breath, openness, key -- 'O Love, O pure deep Love, be here, be now. Make me Your servant, Your breath, Your core' Rumi
The key

Trees are hunkered in the lane,
still, like stalking owls today;
winter dropped their old display,
now they hunch and crouch again.

Stony statues not asleep,
working harder than the spring,
working up a flagrant song;
fiery cores transforming, deep.

I found a door
locked tight;
another door
tightly locked.

Behind a corner
- there – a door,
a corridor
and then – a door.

Mummy – give me keys!
Daddy – help me!
I’m terrified at staying put
(locked inside a boring zoo)

so when the keeper lifts the latch
there’s light – I’m bounding through.

Warm welcome
Some mornings I reckon
it’s gonna be frosty;
nose-tingling hoary,
unsafe to walk on

but today, before a new dawn,
I came out my front door
and the sigh of a zephyr
came up from the earth.

Unusual near winter
that the ground sends a balm,
a hot breath, an out breath,
a generous kiss,
rekindling my centre
to let out his warmth.


  1. A noble task to praise God by thinking on his name, 100 ways (the ways in those same names).
    Using those names to see him better inside of all of us and one (You). Our God is one...Unity, or One way to know him which comes from His oneness dwelling in us all, high and lifted up, full of strength, compassion, kindness,faith and hope manifesting as divine and human form. And, He is growing more and more to be who He is. As He moves or goes towards one Truth of creation dwelling again in each of us as a gloriful Purpose or End. May He...God.. (whom you praise) praise himself dwelling in you as your soul dwells in Him also.

  2. Your son is very lucky to have you :)