Saturday, 6 November 2010

57. Al-Muhsi – Assessing What Is

Suggests counter, reckoner, particular, exact - "Nothing
ever becomes real 'til it is experienced" John Keats
To sun seekers
It's seldom a scorcher
in Yorkshire.
This and That
I once met a teacher,
a spiritual man (say, a preacher);
his favourite saying went like this,
‘Rocks are hard and water’s wet;
that’s the way it is!’

He’d parade in front of
hundreds of eyeballs, talking love:
I can see him now in photographs,
mouth open, spouting stuff
on rocks and water: fair enough.

Today - I realize he was partly right –
bending knees, on this and that, I also felt
that water sometimes turns to hard ice
and even rocks can melt.

1 comment:

  1. The teachers must have said that not to teaches an absolute rule but to calm the mental of those who seeks. Often at the beginning the seeker is so absorb by thoughts so much that he forget to lace his shoes...