Sunday, 7 November 2010

32. Al-Halim – Dissolving Chains

Suggests forbearance, spiritual states, dreams, harmony, vision ---
'the sunlight in the garden hardens and grows cold, we
cannot cage the minute within its nets of gold' MacNeice

Last night in my sleep
we damped down a fire;
to soften the heat
- so delight wouldn’t fly

but the feeling of dreams
is to zoom to the stars
rage across fields
not knowing how far.


Dear Andrew, Thank you
- all of you – the other evening,
for a pub of drinking men,
drunks and fat boys, teenagers:

all a father needs when out for a pint
with his wife and special son,
walking up cobbles and drinking down
lemonade, fosters, ice and a slice,

but it was dancing at the juke box
- retro rock – loud as a propeller
that got the locals up on the dance floor
- oh yes, and the Down’s boy

smiling like a sunrise
turning. With love. Sincerely yours,

In a restaurant,

it’s business we’re talking;
competitive advantage
cost cutting, numbers,
developing niche

and we get straight into it;
where to put people,
strength in our strategy,
huge hairy targets.

‘How’s Andrew?’ he asks me
(they’d met at a social)
and a lump in my throat rises up from down deep
and it’s only when eyes wet and lips start a-quivering
that we soften our truthfulness;
start to do business.

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