Saturday, 6 November 2010

86. Al-Muqsit – Foundation

Suggests just, equitable --- “Only dull people 
are brilliant at breakfast” Oscar Wilde 

Connected in Death

I have two sons;
two hands, two feet,
engaged in driving
of my car
and, when the starter motor jammed,
I used each hand and foot
- and teenage boy – for hard pushing;
crunching a little bump-start.

The engine fired and a few of us
had cranked a change, a difference,
but, later, when that car was canned,
my sons grew quiet and sad
(we’d had it thirteen years)
and now we are alone, askance,
standing near a coffin, shaking hands,
nostalgic, aching, flattened; true at last.

Hotel Breakfast
a hubbub,
smooth hum,
in a ballroom
- yum, yum!

Across these tables
told, retold,
revise and hurry.

And, if I listen to
fifty different voices go
loudly out - in time and space
from each their separate place,
I - (just) - can sense:
I am.


  1. Perfect then, that you post your links on the Great Hubbub that is Twitter :-)

  2. Can I put my poems on your site?