Saturday, 6 November 2010

95. Al-Badi’ – Unexpected Wonder

Suggests unprecedented, original, creative ---
'we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight,
or any experience that reveals the human spirit' ee cummings


Plentiful, a few leaves rattle overhead;
uncountable , brown collateral

- mulch of a future generation
and, every second, a dry cornflake floats
or plummets onto muddy autumn ground;
to be soaked and eaten by water, worms and earth.

Whilst airborne, no longer fixed or allied
to a mother tree with her branch and fire; deep, deep roots,
but, re-formed, sways away from her great connection
(with soft-hard edges) into a new collective.

Heading for chemical, mineral, damned decay
in a spinning fall from old body to new body
at the turn of the season, heading inevitably into
a turn of the year.

Why not?
Colin was an old guy
we met in a bar-room;
Andrew clocked him early,
gave a target smile.

Colin got latched onto
(caught in Andrew’s chat-up)
singularly focused,
singing little songs;

but surprise lurked close
when Andrew met him nose to nose,
asked him in all sweet-ness,
a laser - ‘are you Jesus?’

Shocked he blustered ‘I am not!’
and Andrew caught him - now - ‘Why not?!’


  1. YES..What a great question...Andrew is definitely a star.

  2. Such a pretty mind image!

  3. Love this poem
    that is your son.

  4. Jesus walked into the sea
    The End

  5. Ok needs some pruning...So hard to write nature poems ...