Sunday, 7 November 2010

13.Al-Musawwir – Design and Form

Suggests fashioner, completion, perfection, shaper, gradual change --- 'Your children
are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself' Kahlil Gibran  


We look away at the same sky;
a sky that’s always changing.
I fail to make this world benign,
although we see the same sky

and here we are, alone now,
side-by-side with waving trees
and, in a our time, unerring breeze

is dancing down a blinking street,
like dancing thoughts of we, ideal,
the best of me, the best of you.

A poet,
lost in words, sits on a train’s
deluded rails that may converge
like wrinkles on his hands and face
- before and back - through time and space.

Avoiding headlines
but chasing a hunt
for every letter
- like sperm - in word - and sound.

Riding rails,
narrow minded,
cliché trip
up a track:

wondering and gazing,
secretly alive

When a magical child is born,
tiny fingers reach and curl,
little feet are gazed upon,
each nail an obvious miracle

and once I saw a family trot
beside a pram with Grandma pushing,
Father holding up a parasol
to protect a sleeping tot from heat

and Mother used a large and painted
Japanese fan to keep the baby cool:
a focused scene of mad control
trundling down a cloudy seaside

street: immutable and soundly safe
as if a human cage protects a soul, a life.

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