Sunday, 7 November 2010

2. Ar-Rahim – the Moon of Love

Suggests compassion, receptivity, creativity, abundance --- ‘The harvest moon painted the sky orange while my veins raised and turned a violent blue reminding me I’m alive’ Rilke

Although special, singing
has never been my forte:
I find it hard to feel for sound

and coalesce my heart and mind
with earth and fire without a crowd of
apparitions getting in the way.

But, yesterday, six of us drove out
to a raging riverbank in the frost
and sparked a little fire to dance and sing around

under blue sky. A dusky moon
lit up a warning light. Open mouthed,
carousing to a churning

water slap, we floated cares downstream
and harmonized a rich, brown god
who turns and never stops, as far as

I can tell. At the end, our fire roared with wind
into a start of silence.

Back in
the kitchen, all talk stopped, all
bodies quiet: the moon, floating, somehow
in its blackness, chose to call; to shine.

The sky of sixty nine;
look up at a screen,
absorb black and white sparkle:
Armstrong strides the moon.

I’m on this diet you see,
it means I can look at you
for only 5 seconds a go,
(even though you’re lovely).

I blocked up one ear
and my right nostril.
I keep my tongue stock-still
in case it licks an ice cream

but, look, the moon is full tonight,
a brand new showerh
ead of light
and, in the moonbeam zone,

soak up all I can.
My starving lips turn up to a shining face,
flummoxed by a bright, unbidden kiss.

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