Saturday, 6 November 2010

73. Al-Awwal – Sacred Surprise

Suggests first, movement, unexpected --- 'Time changes
everything, except something within us which is always
surprised by change' Thomas Hardy


Morning mayhem. The tent’s buffeting
like a mountain lion. Larger than life it rumbles. And up
in the sky a great grey brushstroke stands with light behind.
Today has begun.

Andrew’s asleep and dreaming, snoring
but smiling. He stirs, begins to – dream newly – another few hours,
reaching for magic by dancing with clay.
Hungry for magic, this boy.

Sometimes he startles when the radio’s on
across the landing or another room
and now he cocks his head to hear a tone
of music playing from an open window
or Andy, hobo, whistling so his breath
steams and echoes up the viaduct
on cold and bitter evenings in late fall.

A big one’s when his lady suddenly
(opening doors or putting trainers on)
blows away the mortgage, bills and train
with music more than any string or pipe
could voice a childhood feeling with a jolt:
that stopping now of everything that seems

- human breath transforming in a song.

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  1. I agree. A beautiful poem. Love your ending.