Saturday, 6 November 2010

77. Al-Wa’li – Life

Suggests governor, guardian, renewal 
“I am not a teacher but an awakener” Robert Frost

When Andrew’s at the karaoke,

eyes are drawn to a young star
that only wise men follow;
microphone and punching arms,
exuberant little fellow.

We look and look – he burns a hole
in boredom - can we learn
beyond our resignation, beer,
to tread the boards and burn?

When a kid with Down’s Syndrome lumbers along
in a coat of clumsy, squinting to find
a level parade, treading mostly alone;
what do you make of this jack-of-no-trade?

Revulsion, compassion, empathy, fear,
anger or sadness because strangeness is near
- what do you reckon, or, what do you feel?

‘owbout respect for a teacher over there,
a mirror of openness, simpleness, now
enjoying a journey with others and me
as a master of dancing, exuberance,

and with a strange little question ‘What’s the real deal?’
like, your last day on earth, well, what will you choose
- one million dollars, a hug, celebration,
or smile?


  1. This is special John, and well done.

  2. I will choose a hug, because, to me, a hug is a million dollars, a celebration and a smile all wrapped in one sweet moment.

    Beautiful poem,John.

    Elaine Sangiolo
    Book Marketing Manager: Cathedral of Dreams, A Kingdom's Possession
    Booktrope Publishing