Saturday, 6 November 2010

69. Al-Qadir – Holding the Centre

Suggests able, providence, arrange, outward --- 'Hold Infinity
in the palm of your hand. And Eternity in an hour' William Blake

Of this world
- how come that boy in front is grinning?
I mean this boy – the one we label ‘Down’s’;
the one delighted in seeing us here,
who loves to chew more coupled to his food,
who closes eyes when feeling-fully taste,
who smiles at every folly
with eyes more soft and clear than tears.

Shall we chew? Shall we chew? Shall we chew? 

Now, as he starts to sing - a hymn -
I’m not sure of the point of any prayer
and I seldom taste my food
or stroll along for the hell-of-it
or stare in wonder any more.
I long to tell you what to do
and long to be told what-to-do by you
- so please instruct intensity!

Shall we chew? Shall we chew? Shall we chew?

Hands, my aging hands;
thumbs can gather-in
and horny fingers
pulsate a guitar
or draw blood, scratch skin:

available to
hammer with man-tools,
build up an igloo,
fish into currents,
pull me through water,

capable of toil
with pen or shovel
and touch, at the palm,
another hand – yours.


  1. beeutiful words sharing reaching out to you my hand :)

  2. What a wonderful poem, so simple but conveys everything

  3. This was interesting. The opening is tender, a call to taste life more fully, and the close is a glimpse into the mind; perhaps a mind that is a little distracted. I like it.