Saturday, 6 November 2010

74. Al-Akhir - Completion

Suggests the last, giving way, ripe --- 
'pace a circle and pay tribute with a song' Hilda Doolittle  


and spatters
the top of our tent
north wind pushes
wavering walls
and then

The day when he decides to do some washing
is like the previous week - it’s on a Monday

and, when he reads a book into the evening,
it’s recommended by his friendly book club

and, when he goes to meet his mates on Friday,
he starts to feel so pissed that he falls over.

On Saturday he swears he won’t repeat that;
he’s had enough of boozing and hangovers

deciding that it’s time to go teetotal
- a vision of a man who’s dry and sober –

until he hears from Geoff that last night’s party
was diamond – that they need to meet more often;

he hangs his head and prays for help, surrenders,
on Sunday when his week starts up again.

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