Sunday, 7 November 2010

48 Al-Majid – Dazzling energy

Suggests glory, moving, shaping, adulation - 'O delicate walker,
babbler, dialectician Fire, O enemy and image of ourselves' MacNeice

Scientists can prove
that fire is in the earth
except that - when I light a fire
it crackles up, transforms,
consumes the outer flesh

but earth-fire’s an invisible
inner craze that pulses
out volcano pores,
earthquake eyes,
tsunami tears.

And burning sun?
- a pulser - way - out there - that lights
our earth in warmth
and sweeter fruit.

Woodburner glamour

Roaring hot and hard today;
heart of orange, lumber, flame
fed by hand and fed by draught,
breathe and splutter, have a laugh.

See through my window's
giggling shadow,
feel my face shining,
hear my voice singing;

guffaw a minute,
take without effort,
always adore me,
eagerly gaze at me
red-hot I’m bolder,
blue, blue I’m colder.

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