Saturday, 6 November 2010

63. Qayyûm – Rebounding

Suggests eternal, self sustaining, standing --- “Painting
is something that takes place among the colours" Rilke

When your keys are lost,
tarot card zero
(a fool on a path)
turns to you and smiles;

‘I’m you,’ he says, ‘it’s true!
‘Every once in a while!’

Winter Colour

We wobble through the woods, conceal crayons
in the nooks of old trees or in bushes
so that Andrew can amble there, find one,
and exaggerate joy when he finds them.

His bedroom’s full of thousands of crayons
(so we inch them out into these wood-walks)
creating a constant new colour;
like blue, black or green, maybe yellow

and we reckon we’re conning the rascal
with weaving of colours in the country
but I reckon he clocks every action,
peeking sideways, pretending they’re new.

Why would he support such reprocessing?
Why? Returning fine splurges - delight.

1 comment:

  1. These really are quite beautiful poems, as I'm sure Andrew is, whether he has Down's Syndrome, or not.

    In fact, I think that revealing the Down's Syndrome information is an unnecessary disclaimer. The least important thing about a person is whatever affliction may be a part of his/her life. The most important thing is that person's essence, which has nothing to do wih physical challenges... because physical challenges do not define us. They merely challenge us.