Sunday, 7 November 2010

47. Al-Wadud – Love is Give and Take

Suggest loving, affection, give & take --- 'It is when
you give of yourself that you truly give' Kahill Gibran

Andrew likes to sleep-in at the weekend.
He rests with his chin on his hands and grins;
body relaxed as a glove that’s been thrown,
empty and fabulous - loving us all.  

Give & take

Today – hooray - my diary has gaps,
I’m trusting it’s an easy day,
tittle-tattle with some chaps;
time to spare and rest or, even, play

when Dave steps in the room,
miserable loon
‘I got news for you!’
handshake, troubles, dear, oh dear

and Stevie had a crisis,
I thought that we had cracked it
but Mark sat down
with spreadsheet, frown;
all in all, I’ve gotta shrug and laugh:
this is this - (and this and me and they) - turn this to that.

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