Sunday, 7 November 2010

30. Al-Latif – Subtle Mystery

Suggests grace, awareness, softness, subtle love, charm, beauty
--- "Silence is more musical than any song" Christina Rossetti

Wordsworth’s Beer
Today, Lake Grasmere
lay milky brown; until white
mist rolled from the west.

‘That’s a first’
says Fred, the train guard,
when Andrew hands him tickets
and smiles ‘I love you!  

That day, when you sat down,
I had a plan of what
to say; O yes I knew
how the conversation would go

but you parked-up with hands on knees
refusing to express
hardly anything at all - except quietness –

that’s when I got flummoxed,
because of the wobble of
what you weren’t saying; not in my screenplay,
not on my radar, not of this planet.

A mystery - budding in springtime,
stillness of wells, terror of silence,
lovely; spot on.


  1. Like how interpretation dependence is magnified as a responsibility of the reader. Good stuff