Saturday, 6 November 2010

75. As-Zahir – The Star

Suggests manifest, evident, radiant ---
'burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman 

candles exploding like spiders across the stars' Jack Kerouac  


He walks along in personal space
- now - worry a lot,
because there’s a violin case in his left hand.
You never know what’s in a case like that!?

The man stands up and grunts, and starts.
He lightens up strings
as if Bach is here, now,
in present tense: string-tense: a sigh.

Hear sixty three repeating bases,
respectful, alert:
stabbing a bow;
roundabout bow

of melody, rhythm and chord,
like Hopkins he springs
triumphantly tragic;
grief is Bach’s pain!

Alone! And hear his bent-arm pull
being scratched by a touch:
homecoming earth-time;
heavenly business.

A solitary man gyrates
and puppets in dance,
grieving, he’s busy,
- a lonely string screams.

It’s unexpected – Bach’s wife’s death.
Let’s grieve like a Bach;
screech in a bow-string,
grieving vibration.

But Bach is up now – lifting now,
envisioning hope.
Play us to ecstasy:
Heaven - and Earth!

Has anything changed since that breath?
A man and his bow,
back in its case, away, walking away
from personal space – now.

I’ll pen a little poem
maybe a Sonnet to stun
for the first few lines and then
turn in a new direction;

settling some innocent frame,
feeling for slowing the pace,
spinning a gut or a brain,
spiraling up and away.

Can we word-walk a moment
stuttering fast but metric,
capturing meaning from sense,
rippling along - majestic.

Smaller – growing bigger -
galaxy - nebula - Star.


  1. undulating mental pictures with cognition, something like that.

  2. love this
    just tweeted it


  3. God, Himself, is the North Star of our supernatural skies, about which all His less complete and powerful natural manifestations evolve, by rotating earthwise, seasonly. His power and glory comes from His capability to be Himself in us. And, knowing He is up there, above us, orienting our soul paths allows us to navigate through any problems we may have in our lifes. May this knowledge of His promise to us of eternal help help us always.