Sunday, 7 November 2010

16. Al-Wahhab - Flowing Blessings

Suggests bestower, bounty, blessings, carried away --- "If I were called to construct a religion, I should make use of water" Philip Larkin

Richard of York

Seemingly fleeting,
seemingly fragile.

bright light

and spraying water
arcing reminders

of a mystical pot
and far-flung gold.

On a train
it’s only when
another tunnel comes
that darkness falls
and her old face
reflects back in
the window pane
- smiles again.

When foreheads meet,
that moment’s when
she integrates
her eyes and ears,
mouth and nose;
blesses back
her misty angel soul.

When the shower’s dry
how lucky are you
to switch on a first pulse
of water, feel cold energy hit your
hand, your arm, withdrawing back to shivery
wintry air and fiddle with
dials and switches until
the spray warms up

enough to step into
a new stream of heat
and tingling jets hitting your
thighs, your chest, your face. To wash without
soap; no bubbles or lather or
flannel or effort or work;
how lucky are you?


  1. This poem stirs the senses. Morning blessings :-)

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  3. It's, ... Like, that... But i must console my babe not latched my soul is scarred from then my fort-pence is not enough for now. My breast is empty of my Benjamin. And they remain as quiet still. Foresaken for now, my Lord is furious with any who dare to mock him, for as i want as i need, it shall be accorded also. For my steps are lite, and low my tears on my arm, not one word of his condition I am cut off and my life in vain, if your Way of love that is Brotherly is denied, how do you sleep at night! Mock no more, for God is not a respector of persons, He is the respecter of none of that, at that.. What is the going rate these days'? Do you recall that moment you took due, that which was spoke in the day of the night? Oh my breastplate i lean upon, has lost its lustre its eye is shrouded in guilt of nay He did protray my nigard of His soul. For due now is your confession of how You did that which you did. Vainity of vanity is still as lost, as is was, when She began to notice to admonish His only beloved of self, that she would not repent and go her Way. That can not be left out of my World, for my soul is refreshed, my peace at last! Beware of the house of that who is Queen in the land of Benjamin, the eagle of legends is true! I proclaim the acceptable time (to be real honest humble and truly repentant) is before you and soon i mean, that. For the man is coming around, yes indeed, even if its Me, my Lord. Thank you for healing me now and my babes swift return to my heart, suddenly! (Psalms 90) Bless the Name of the Lord oh my soul, for you are worthy to be praised in all the skies and earth. I bow and confess You Jesus are my rock. Selah