Saturday, 6 November 2010

59. Al-Muid – Reviving the worn down

Suggests restore, renew, re-make ---
"All things renew. All things begin" John Updike

 Brown or white -
- darker, or lighter chocolate?
No politician will mind!

Mobs and gangs will not riot
- chocolate tastes of a sweeter dream!

Wars have been fought over salt

but not for Magnum or Twix.
Celebrate now – you won’t die,

marginally lowering your body heat:
when chocolate melts, no one cries.


An alarm goes off – on the dot –
and a stagger to the shower
fires my skin into a heat-map:
another day and a dollar.

The Northern Line is running well
- I’m told – and wide-eyed travelers sniff
on the way to London Bridge, sigh
when train doors sigh. Monks for prayer

assemble here
carrying bread and briefcases.
Stars on posters smile and sparkle.

A crowd of muffled dervishes
falling through time like days:
trusting (this day) fire can kindle rainbows; pumping hearts.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful!
    I'm going to favorite your blog; but I may have

    Blessings to you;
    Blessings for your project!

    Connie Nelson Ahlberg