Saturday, 6 November 2010

68. As-Samad – A Refuge of Needs

Suggests reliable, meeting needs, a shelter ---
'He who reigns within himself and rules his passions,
desires and fears is more than a king' John Milton

Dear Andrew, Thank you
- all of you – the other evening,
for a pub of drinking men,
drunks and fat boys, teenagers:

all a father needs when out for a pint
with his wife and special son,
walking up cobbles and drinking down
lemonade, fosters, ice and a slice,

but it was dancing at the juke box
- retro rock – loud as a propeller
that got the locals up on the dance floor
- oh yes, and the Down’s boy

smiling like a sunrise
turning. With love. Sincerely yours,
In my head, again, - a picture of tomorrow;
subtle, endearing, scary
as if I’ll be attacked (the sky might just collapse);

- go tits up
in a workshop or the meeting, or a bus ride
or the traffic lights at red

engendering a little fear, a fluttering heart
and shortening of breath,
even though I’m sitting up in bed
the night before. My need’s not guts or bravery

but to stay aware, inspired as a baby,
walking steadfast and assured into a mess,
witnessing respect
and do my work - my best.


  1. Great poem ...God bless you and yours.

  2. Your poem reminds of walk on a beach. optimistic,refreshing, and whimsically moving