Sunday, 7 November 2010

20. Al-Qabid – Contracting Boundaries

Suggests … enclosure, restraint, contraction, incubation
“It’s dangerous business walking out your front door” J.R.R. Tolkien

This year
put all
of our scarce
and clear attention onto
a shiny
and bright

Traveling Man
Train’s tracking north

when he spots barren trees,
feels an ancient pang
- the missing of a special child.

Even disconnected – like the coldest
winter twigs - he hangs on – and hopes
another summer comes and melts the ice
on hard converging tracks.

Alone, in time and space,
one glance of hares in spring,
the sound of a child laughing,
could dissolve his eyes

and turn rails - left and right -
– out, away – and back - into a beating heart.

Sleep Tight

Today I walked past loads of doors
and, do you know, I had an urge
to reach and turn every handle;
see what lurks on the other side.

Something within us loves
hidden rooms, locked;
a key, a push, a creak,
a prisoner running free,

but tonight
when earth turns;

doors will bolt,
locked like clams,
holding tight
onto watery dreams.

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