Saturday, 6 November 2010

78. Al-Mut’ali - Expanded Consciousness

Suggests exalted, above, expanded state --- Emily Dickinson
'I came to buy a smile; today; but just a simple smile'


There’s harmony
in Andrew’s dance, hidden
in rhythm and infinite
orbit, suggesting

‘Care less of scorn
or judgment or gossip
but feel for the real song
in movement and tears.’

Craft immortality
and sweet nature’s harmony;
infused, and infusing,
face, nature and soul.

Andrew knows
that when he smiles he can’t lose
his little life, a given gift,
and when he smiles, he will include
folks on the right and on his left

as if we’re all relying on
a simple little theory that
angel, ape, enlightened man
without a smile’s a dot, a mote.

Around the dinner table, he’s
holding gaze; attention of
his friends, his mates and yes, he knows
the great effect a smile can have;

suggesting ‘there is joy and peace’
with mouth and eyes for all the people in a race.


  1. Cheers John a really beautiful piece.I took the liberty of putting a link to this on my facebook page.

    Regards j.

  2. Nice!

    I hope the family is well!

    -Kevin Dufresne