Sunday, 7 November 2010

23. Ar-Rafi - Exultation

Suggests refreshment. redemption, healing, recovery --- 'An endless fountain
of immortal drink, Pouring unto us from the heaven's brink' John Keats


King’s Cross station and the trains are on time
(as far as I can tell that is a truth)
and tangerine sun has risen again
lighting up our sky's inherent joy.

I even get a seat upon the tube
(hooray the underground is running healthy)
and Einstein’s greatest question’s on my mind.
Today I will consider this world friendly.

When the world’s abundant,
I pick the flower, yes.

When the world’s connected,
I reach for a handshake, yes.

When the world is loving,
I hug the answer yes.

When the world’s deciding,
I bet the answer yes.

When the world is dawning,
look up, the answer’s yes.

When the world is learning,
sorry, the answer’s yes.

When the world is teasing,
oh yes, the answer’s yes.

What if God’s a Gas
Nod a bottle at a brittle glass
and fizzy lemonade arises,
toxicates a nostril,
titillates and fills:

more than ‘satisfactory’,
popping at their birth-point,
bubbles sharp and piquant
instigate a sneeze:

higher than high,
brighter than light,
way beyond planets,
rippling laps
up to emotion,
quivering lips.

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