Saturday, 6 November 2010

79. Al-Barr - Burnishing

Suggests benign, purify, burn ---'peel your own image
from the mirror. Sit. Feast on your life' Derek Walcott

he looked into a compass face:

East – the clarity of morning
North – a thump of afternoon
South – the warmth of midday love
West – a poignancy of sunset

… and a little face
winked back, lit up by
midnight’s grinning moon,
asked a tiny question;
‘which direction mate?’

‘Matey, which direction?’

According to Wordsworth, the child is father of the man

although I will avoid reflected light
turning from my mirror again, again
because I know I’m headed for midnight;
a little rest and a little more pain.

A heart that flows a river’s what I see;
(my tiny life is dropping down the drain)
- not knowing who I am or who I’ll be -

although my son loves mirrors like a Star,
sees himself as Elvis, Danny, he
adores his own reflection, avatar;
knows that power’s rising to a height

with alchemy of joy - and jollity -
polishing the mirror, burning bright,
although I will avoid reflected light.


  1. On reflection - I reflect on!

  2. My favorite line: "adores his own reflection, avatar;"

  3. This lovely poem encompasses the fresh delight a child takes in his own reflection and the avoidance of it by those who are "headed for midnight". My favourite line is also "adores his own reflection, avatar" as it implies the sight gives pleasure to the child without too much recognition, whereas the adult viewing is done fleetingly as the face on view is often all too familiar.

  4. Well said, Joy. Nothing to add.