Sunday, 7 November 2010

9. Al-Jabbar - Repair

Suggests healing, compulsion, creation, restoration --- 'No Teacher, Preacher, Wise Man can decide what's right for you-Listen to the Voice that Speaks inside' S Silverstein 

Look, sometimes it sings
and sometimes moans.
It writes of itself through
effort and splurge
from healing dreams

and, in all the words, one
authentic line might catch
a heart in ways not
logical or thought through.
When it works, it's work.

tired, he blinks a lot.
The face in the glass blinks back,
heals each blinking eye.

A leaf like a slowly closing hand
drops off

a great mother of a
tree - letting go

it lets go)

in a shut-down
from winter’s paler light.

How wonderful like a butterfly
to flutter, tumble, still;

only caught by wind - not knowing
that the lattice bark has started on a spree

with sun and rain and waving snow,
of soundness and repair.