Saturday, 6 November 2010

70. Al-Muqtadir - Body Power in Action

Suggests power, determining things --- 'Pulse for pulse
breath for breath. Speak low lean low. As long ago my
love, how long ago' Christina Rossetti

Writer’s Block
A mystery – this blank page with blue pen –
and my duty to write a grand poem;
without engaging hope,

Instead, melting into zero,
atom by - fizzing - atom
equal and equally dissolved:

me, a pen, ink, page:
blank – nothing. 

How to speak
There’s nothing there at first;
nowt at all,
until the start of a small bubble
expanding sound,

growing up rapid
like a seed of beginnings
swimming in softness
ready to birth

out from the lung wrench,
in-breath, then out-breath
- crucial in moments -
touting a burp for
intended connection;
'Send out the dove'

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