Saturday, 6 November 2010

89. Al-Mughni - Life’s Garden

Suggests enrich, meet needs, cycles --- 'With every breath,
I plant the seeds of devotion. I am a farmer of the heart' Rumi


I learned the duties of Clown from young Andrew:
at home in a world of nonsense,
turning up voltage again and again;
not perfectly perfect but urging
inclusion; connecting the hearts of some people
through smiles – with spaces between all their talking and words,
where, truly, a mystery lies.

The day I shouted at the wind
I flew – my voice – away
and air contorted with the sound
of words in desperate play.

I didn’t hear them echo round
where congregations pray;
perhaps they will return, rebound,
on judgment day.

A syllable or two,
a vowel,
a consonant or two,
a howl;
a new expression as a ring,
devoid, no-thing.