Saturday, 6 November 2010

49 Al-Ba'ith – The Return

Suggests awaken, relative existence, limited lifetime, recycle ---
'I heard a fly buzz when I died' Emily Dickinson 

Pop off
A soap bubble sits
cradled in his hands
for a little time
until the clock chimes
look - the game is up
when a finger slips
and the video game
in slow-mo stops:
the soap bubble pops.

In a brown hotel room my heart still beats.
I flushed a small black fly down the loo;

it swirled and gurgled, floats like a dot.
(I may flick it out from predictable spin

recover it pointlessly) like memories
laid kicking and insect-like, slowly turning.

Years ago I witnessed a huge bug battle for life;
a bluebottle whizzed on its back interminably.

But for now I recycle time, rotating words
on reclaimed paper with recycled ink.

Outside, cars hum; remaking a buzzing
of insects when zooming - now fuel, and oil.

Everything rotates (but slow when tears burble
or eyes flash or sweat breaks:) when I flow with a truth.

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