Saturday, 6 November 2010

90. Al-Mani’ - Resistance

Suggests withhold, restrain, limit, protect ---
"Resist much. Obey little." Walt Whitman

Paradigm mind

(has hard edges)
until it has
no more edges
and every time
it thinks it ‘knows’
- edges arise –
hold on tighter!

protect themselves
from sharper words,
blades or bludgeons
in a need to
keep the same old
tough surfaces,
inner structure.

(precise as a
small jelly-brain)
will only melt and
bow to ageless
power; blood-red from
our pumping bellies,
adam’s apples, heartbeat.

before the sun
terrific birds
commemorate today
- repeating and repeating

but I can’t sleep
with an ache in my ribs
where my heart used to be
- now - a void.

Challenge vibrates everywhere;
birth, old age, teenagers
obeying only one ancient rule
‘test the rules’

on, on and on
and, look, here comes the sun.


  1. Yet again a great read first thing in the morning.Thanks J....Love 'test the rules'

  2. I am going to follow suit, and add your work to my morning. Poetry; a pretty rewarding day to start the day. And, again, I can relate to some of your text. The relationship between any parent and child will be tested, here and there. The relationship between a parent and a challenging child, a term I use with gentle love, is tested constantly. I value your work, and thank you for sharing. =)
    -Peace & Balance- Teddy @FineCannabisArt

  3. Test the Rules!!