Sunday, 7 November 2010

37. Al-Kabir – Outward Creative Power

Suggests greatness, radiance, power, knowing - "Love is the
only reality. It is not a sentiment. It is the ultimate truth that
lies at the heart of creation" Tagore

Looking around
you’re not here
at all, nowhere

although I still gut-feel
and catch the gist
of you

enough anyway
to let go a sigh and
know that
life is good.

North Star
Dreams, of course, are something
(but shadows)
compared to green grass or thorny roses, 
froth of hawthorn in early spring,
summer's lazy river bank
or cooling hedgerows brown in fall
when a nightingale rouses and carols

but, growing older
(not wiser)
I found a shining 
 - constant - 
certainly you
my love.
Doubt not what this little ring meant
when it slipped on my finger last weekend
completing the C in commitment
part of a glory, an eight,

but that’s only the half of it:
a golden band – small - but still great
slipped beyond my finger’s crown,
while repeating some words - not my own.

But what’s it really about?
Can anyone give me a shout-out
on the meaning of commitment, or love,
haha – too tough - nobody can have
an answer, I hope that they’d blank;
it’s for husband and wife to work out

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  1. I like these :) There was something simple, yet meaningful in these.