Saturday, 6 November 2010

62. Al-Hayy – Life Energy

Suggests alive, everliving, divine --- 'we're everyanything
more than believe (with a spin leap alive we're alive) we're
wonderful one times one' eec cummings

Down’s supper.
One day I joined some folk I loved
sitting in a ring,
eating up their fish and chips;
not saying anything

and, in-between their little band,
I caught a special smile;
a secret in a private club
connected for a while.

It’s rare to hear a mystic note
and inner sweetness roaring
magnetism in a ring;
a cloud of magic turning.

They touched each other in a glow
that left me far behind,
sensing I could never flow
with my mutilated mind.

Andrew’s Advice

“When fingers tingle, there’s a chance
that two little legs get up and dance
a tango, quickstep, tap away
and wiggle to YMCA.

“‘Cos when I skip, expressing me,
a little spark enflames, sets free,
and dreamers reach an extra mile;
stand more vertical – and smile.

“Cynical’s an easy stance
(static) – no, come on - and dance.

“Two legs, one leg, arms out, balance
on your day – a happenstance.

“Wear a hat - or silly pants
- let it out - exuberance!”


  1. John, this is wonderful - and it's advice that I will be taking from now on! I adore the fact that you have used the 99 Names Of Allah as inspiration, they roll of the tongue beautifully.

    Lady A xxx

  2. To sing beauty
    inspired by
    The Names Of God
    Arohanui Sapphire