Saturday, 6 November 2010

99. As-Sabur - Perseverance

Suggests patience, endurance, avoiding agitation --- 'Adopt
the pace of nature: her secret is patience' Ralph Waldo Emerson

Down’s laws 

Sit on a chair,
hug like a bear,
be here
and different, odd,
smile like a god
at your subjects – and care.
Love family,
love me,
don’t care how you look,
make a fuss
and, in friendship, come close;
sinker, line, hook.

Summit & Nowt
Not too often
in the give and take
(thrust and cut)
hard-hard ride, will I soften

sit down or lay
- on a little sofa -
knowing today, another day,
my ride is almost over

but outside a bike waits,
saddle and handlebars,
rotating spokes and gears
reminding me when I mount and turn my feet
- pedal on into the North -
a new green mountain heaves in view. In hope.


  1. Really pretty, John. Made me sigh.

  2. Nice one John. I write poetry too!