Sunday, 7 November 2010

7. Al-Muhaimin - Protection

Suggests Witness, Protector, Determining True or False --- 'Don’t be consistent, but be simply true' Oliver Wendell Holmes  

To be, or not
It’s not a dilemma
when I ask of Andrew,
‘Are you loving your dinner?’
Simple and true
‘I am,’ he says
‘I do!’

At dinner, after the world burst into flame,
pans bubble,
onions hiss,
all herbs and spices
have entered our mix
and the fire of a stew
will ladle and soon
be about us, surround us,
beyond us, within us;

warm as a life
that survives its explosion,
we’ll share what is here,
(never thirst for what’s not)

and shout out ‘Thank God’
that the garbage has gone.

Imagine looking out
from way inside yourself
as a baby, or a boy with
without any crazy
constructs, rules.

This place would seem
unsafe – a dream!

And your strategy?
How would you get through
a moment, next few minutes, hours,
when you couldn’t hide,
or run, or surf the web a while?
I’ll tell you what – you’d smile!

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