Sunday, 7 November 2010

28. Al-Hakam – Sacred Sixth Sense

Suggests alchemy, sacred sense, precise wisdom, clear headed, subtle,  insightful
 “Intuition is the supra-logic that cuts out all the routine processes of thought" Robert Graves

Pearly Gates
'God' said a man
'I am honest, been faithful,
cared for my children;
manly and strong.'

'Man' said God quietly
'honesty's bollocks,
caring's inconstant:
I need your truth.'

White Goddess

Three times she came to visit me,
three times she looked into my eyes;
maiden, mother, ancient lady
singing pretty lullabies

and, on the fourth, in starlight dance,
she howls one wolf into the skies;
leaps astride another branch
and flies.

One banana, two banana

I hope
when I go
‘banana’ you
know there’s no
fruit there, don’t you,
only a few dots on a page
in black and white. So whose
banana is it then, the one we are
seeing and tasting? And why a banana,
considering all the other fruit we both know
about and all the other words we’re sharing here?
Some even have b’s and a’s and n’s but, despite that,
who decides whether your banana’s voluptuous and perfectly
yellow and curved slightly, zipped up, and/or marginally over-ripe?

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