Saturday, 6 November 2010

93. Al- Nur – The Light

Suggests light, knowing, heart --- 'Beauty is not in 
the face; beauty is a light in the heart' Kahlil Gibran

Two Down’s Boys
Here we are
in our aprons,
dripping lemonade.
People are peeping
and, in the restaurant, tittle tattle
leather skirts and thunderbolt words,
politics, bible and bartered
avocado and prawns.

But we are munching oily chips,
fit and fat,
bellowing hip-hop
from our chambered hearts
- magnificent brotherhood pups.
That’s where we’re at.

Two corners, and teeth,
a radiance, a reach,
a mouth on the up;
jowls and lips.

Cherry red cheeks,
a heart in a leap,
eyes - diamond – inflate
‘Connect to my fate!’

You know, I’ve seen another kind of smile
- the one that turns (not outside) but inside
reflecting light onto an inner man
as if a hidden furnace needs a stoke
of energy rotating as a fan
airing inner joy – maybe – (a soul).

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