Sunday, 7 November 2010

3. Al-Malik – The king who can

Suggests master, king, counsel, vision --- ‘Men at some time are masters of their fates’ – Shakespeare

Down’s before birth

If you could change this life
for a real one,
- say - with a fulsome story
and a master’s hand
to maraud in a spanking world
maybe to spots more often lost
- would you go?

And feel?

Imagine you’re ready;
standing moments before birth
in pounding rain,
shivering with all anticipation
and calmly
turning down your little mind
to nothing – wanderer -
with such a lot to give:
perhaps it’s not so dark and cold
as you fight your way into a sweeter handicap:
as fool, magician, simple wizard, king.

Here’s a hand from the right side
holding a tangle of cotton.

Finger and thumb from the left side
(turning before the wind catches)
take up the end of a blue one
and master it under the sun.

King Andrew sits upon his camping chair,
gazes round a breakfast circle; cooking
on a campsite, frying sausages;
eggs are cracked and smells of coffee

snake along a breeze to rise and enter
into now. Everything is set for feasting,
look, a sunny time’s on hand;
his vision’s clear and King surveys the land!

But wait – what is this quality called King-ship?
Why do people rush to cook him breakfast?
Why do people serve a man, this elf?

Because a warm and gracious King
adores his people more than judges;
loves them for themselves.


  1. This is great. We often call our son 'the king' for the same reason. He is 18 and has special needs too. :)

  2. Beautiful poem, powerful the way you end it.

  3. i love this. makes me feel part of your family <3

  4. The best poetry, like this poem, is very clear and radiates through a particular moment humanity's universal needs. We all have special needs and all of us are kings. My faith has taught me all are Christ, all lambs, all kings. How can we not love a king whose love completes us by loving us for who we are?

  5. Very loving. Thank you for sharing your Light.

  6. A blog that touches my heart. So nice to happen upon your beautiful poetry. It makes me sigh with delight. Hugs, pat

  7. Just loved the poem for what it tells me about the beauty and power of words -- without allusion to anything outside of itself or its orbit (if self and orbit are even possible without referents)

  8. Beautiful words. I was blessed with a Princess in my life. Thank you for sharing.