Saturday, 6 November 2010

51. Al-Haqq – The Truth in each moment

Suggests Truth, Existing, Just --- 'There are more possibilities
available in each moment that we realize' Emily Dickinson

Near to Jung’s Big Red Book,
a bunch of roses – multitudinous
in splash – not logical
but simply pressing the effort

of crazy existence with no collateral.
Magic is rare and difficult, colourful,
but impelled by gusto and stupidity;
voracity of jester, drunkard and clown.

We need to make room for fools because,
in the end, there is nothing to understand
as wind rattles a casement,
spilling a scent of arcing flowers

and reasonable and unreasonable stand
shoulder to shoulder, bow in acceptance.
Just now
inside a notebook, on a table in front,
I wrote lots of words - with letters revealing
something not around before; I suppose
a relationship - paper and pen and tipping nib
- and I’m hoping that between the scratchy paper,
turns and lines, a spirit-charge of
electricity could light a shadow,
unleash a note, arise from a dream
that I scribbled in a word in a
notebook on a tabletop out there.

Flicking on a little switch - electricity
surges somehow out of darkness into light – !kapow!
my room ignites in sunshine, even
throwing shadow out from ghostly pillows.

How I trust that switch - and how I’d love a key,
or gizmo, shocking realization;
illuminating (simply by touching a button)
personal power, light and clarity!

The bugger is - it’s not like that;
I can’t locate a switch for insight
or a tool transforming sense.

Give me, O give me, awareness
so that irises flex and my waggling tongue
is led by a heartbeat thudding through chambers of truth.


  1. Ah, this is great! Nice work. Retweeted.

    Word Verification : Ningso
    Definition : Nibbling some oranges

  2. Well done, I love it!

  3. The search! Why are we so passionate for revelation?

  4. Those 99 glorious names of Allah were not such a tradition of sufi. They taken from Glorious Al Qur'an. Sufi or not every moslem/ mosleemah pray for Allah through those each name. For example- use Ar Rahman if you want to be loved. Use Al Ghoniy if you want to be rich. But it is not that simple. Need many more explanation before understanding what we are praying for.