Sunday, 7 November 2010

41. Al-Jalil – Pooling Strength

Hopkins 'Glory be to God for dappled things -- 
For skies of couple-colour as a brinded cow'

If I were forged
crystal - as my wineglass
in – and out – ward – light,
turning every coloured heart
- that would be a dream

with crimson swirls of wine,
of bubbling champagne,
of water purer – free from source,
empty, with no name;

no Will, no talk, no twaddle,
no arse about to waddle,
no mind cavorting on its pole,
no fear of death or growing old

and no associations, spun or leapt,
patient, still, and longing – and longing – longing -
to melt.

Daisy Cow
I had a moonlit dream
and asked myself if I’d be better
born a human - or a cow -
as if I could, like, choose my form:

to be honest I dunno
whether to become huge and simple, eat grass
24/7 - or bang on and on about the mortgage,
pension, kiddies, final blow.

All in all, today
I lean towards a munching low
and moo into my future,
knowing what’s of note;
a meadow, calves and parlor,
sun and quiet moon.


  1. Sounds like someone wants to get away from the rat race and mortgage and all things stressful :) and I don't blame you, love the first stanza John,

    All the best


  2. i love this poem is so beautiful in the way you have brought back a feeling of a life that was not so needy for things stuff ..... and the enjoyment of ones environment & the creatures were not take for granted ... nor used for greed.. it is so clever this .. to be a cow or a human .. beez :)) moo buzz ..