Sunday, 7 November 2010

29. Al’-Adl – Putting things in order

Suggests balance, mediation, harmony, reintegration - 'Only when you 
are empty are you at standstill and balanced' Kahlil Gibran 

Down’s balance
When muscles are loose
and joints a bit shaky,

standing feels safe,
tipping forward’s dodgy

but, for strangers, you'll walk
or run from your silence;

smile like a torch
and hug – they need balance.

The moon’s a cube tonight
- so square I drop back in my
house – terrified by corner, angle!

I have another look outside,
pulling back my floral nets -
thank God the corners have evolved
- the moon become a parallelogram,
a few new stars chipped off!

And, as the moon descends,
it turns and squashes
back into that perfect O
I used to know
and sinks, a lonely tear,
down into a slowly rising sea.

Not Seven

always had a
love for the figure
eight, because of the
balancing skill we
require to get

settling into
place, firstly earth
below(a belay point)
and above a circle
connected into


  1. The moon, a perfect O, the lonely tear. . .beautiful, to borrow sorrow from nature and to repay is to glean ears of poetical corn to feed the kids of poor memory. . .

  2. Sic itur ad Astra Nil... Is it that Place in evolution already... Echos of Humanity caught in 11 dimensions to 23. Stellar poem and future forms of poeticArt 3d Hope SkyNetxxoo