Saturday, 6 November 2010

52. Al-Wakil – Meeting Challenges

Suggests circle of being, angel of protection – 'Tis
only when they spring to Heaven that angels reveal
themselves to you' -- Robert Browning

Friendly Lord’s Prayer
Spirit of a treetop
sweeping through a tiny room;
come in, sit yourself down,
so we can have some little time.
What mischief can we conjure?
What omelets to eat?
What mirrors to look into?
What major chords to sing to?
Until this fiery day has turned – complete.

Les Miserables

‘Musical please!’ says Andrew
‘What will it be? Maybe Cats,
Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang or
Joseph – a good one, please - a favourite!’
We sit eating breakfast,
porridge, like Bears in a story.

Loudly, he soars into ‘Les Mis’
‘He’s like the son I might have known!’

Sudden tears up-volcano in water
as my throat drops on-down into wells;
‘the son I might have known’ sees further
than any old heartless ambition
and an angel carousing beside me
smiles from his face like the sun.


  1. This is really nice John. I like it =o)

  2. Beautiful! One of my favorites. Thank you.

  3. Very Nice! You're poems are always inspiring!