Saturday, 6 November 2010

97. Al-Warith – Forgotten Inheritance

Suggests inheritor, heir, vigour - 'everything which is
natural which is infinite which is yes' ee cummings

An ‘angel’

is defined in my little on-line
dictionary as a heavenly
being, guide or guardian; more
than google, a glossy magazine,

radio or TV blinking
and ‘omen’ as a prophetic sign
or signal from the Mystery,
Beloved, God or Allah.

Of course, the ancient days are gone
when we believed in angel-notes from
Mother Nature - such as shapes
in leaves or whether birds appear
to fly, uplift and honk along together.

Today I almost saw a kingfisher
catching silver from water in a
river flowing back to where I
came from. Time passes, turns;
of course those days are gone.

To become real
tonight I’ll tell you, if you want to know,
about a desert campsite long ago
with mammoth bones and the moon a jeweler
striding out across a skein of stars.
Later, the sky darkened, with logs aglow
(until the sun put on a brighter show).

One morning, I woke up from distant sleep
and heard the thrill of a river running deep
into a song of possibilities,
a springboard of unusual surprise
telling me (with gusto) – time to see
the water in another person’s eyes

and all our painted tears make daytime night
until we crave connection – with the light.


  1. Certainly flows like a river. A delight for the ears. Thank you!